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A socially inclined ,non profit project aimed at bridging gaps in the education sector in the 21st century India.The drop out rate of girls from schools before the COVID 19 pandemic was 56 percent and this crisis has only been exacerbated over the last few months. The coronavirus pandemic is forcing India’s children out of school into homes and factories,also because of the migrant labour shortage. The education sector is marred with several issues- from shortage of teachers ,digital divide,rural urban divide,financial issues leading to unwillingness on the part of the parents to ensure continuation of their children’s education and so on. This project not just aims to combat the issue of shortage of teachers in the social sector but also tries to impart quality education to the future citizens of this country.

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One comes across pieces of news like these on a daily basis in the newspapers and online websites.What do you do about it? Do you reach out to the nearest school to help them out during a crisis like Covid,or do you just turn off your phone notifications to avoid such 'negative' news? We can no longer run away from the fact that the education sector in India is marred with problems.From lack of budgetary allocation ,to shortages in terms of infrastructure,teachers and qualitative learning,we have a long way to go to achieve excellent learning outcomes in this sector. The Vidya Connect is a small project in this direction: To try and bring together the 'have's of the society to teach the 'have-not's.We bring together volunteers to ensure that the underprivileged students from your NGO enjoy a break free education cycle. #educationalngo #eachoneteachone #educationforall #indianeducation

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